Safety with Policeman Pete


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Jason Hervey of “The Wonder Years” hosts this informative video featuring
“Policeman Pete”. The film discusses important issues about safety which are vital to children while showing the daily functions of a police officer and his co-workers.

Topics discussed in this video include: “Stranger Danger” (Never go with a stranger, always tell grown-ups where you are going, use the buddy system, dial 911); “Gun Safety” (What to do if you find a gun, do not touch guns, guns are not toys); “Helmet Safety” (Always wear a helmet when riding a bicycle, skateboarding, or rollerblading) and “Never Take Drugs”. Also discussed is never playing games with 911, using code words with parents,
always telling the truth, the reasons officers enforce the laws which keep
our communities safe, as well as highlighting the safety equipment used by a police officer and explanations of why the equipment is necessary.

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