Indians of the Plains


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As a young Indian boy and his father repair their ranch fence, the father tells his son about the “old people” who came here long ago. He shows how their ancestors came from Asia, settling all parts of North America. Those who came to the plains followed the buffalo. At first they hunted and traveled on foot, but then the horse was brought to the Americas by Spanish explorers. Soon the horse became the Plains Indian’s most valued possession. The father tells how the buffalo provided almost everything they needed and explains how they used the meat, hide, bones and horns. He describes how a tipi was made and speaks of arrow making, cooking and games boys played. He also tells of the day great, great-grand father Shunka-Wakan (Brave Horse), as a boy, was hurt and dreamed of a black buffalo that told him he would grow up to be a great hunter. When he shared his dream the people gave him a new name: Tatanka-Sapa (Black Buffalo) and everything he dreamed came true.

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